13.6.6 margin summary charts are off

Hello! Could someone please help guide me in understanding why my charts are so different from what it is supposed to be?



Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 12.15.51 AM.png



Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 12.17.00 AM.png


  • @zoecassell ,


    please check your summary settings in the modules' blueprint view...

  • @zoecassell 

    Here are my observations;

    1. The margin % summary settings need to be updated. They look to be set to SUM. If so, this is not the correct option. Ratios do not sum up hierarchies but should be calculated at each level. 
    2. The margin grid is showing all months. You can apply a time settings filter to show forecast months.
    3. Resize the charts in board designer to change how the y axis scales. Ensure that this is also set to automatic in chart configuration.
    4. Update the number formats for the grid to remove the $ sign and decimal places. 

    These steps should be clearly itemised in the training so if you are in any doubt double back and review the material again. However, I have hidden clues in my suggestions above so hopefully you will not need to back track through the materials. 

  • @zoecassell 

    Hi, did you manage to resolve your issues?

  • Hi @zoecassell 
    1. Put a filter in your margin summary module to show only forecast months.


    2. You have inserted USD currency and 2 decimal places. kindly remove them to display like like target that you have shown.


    you can keep it like you have now. it is just to display the data. what you have to look for is accuracy of data.(which is correct in your case.
    3. For chart option, there is no set definition to scale the range like(4000 or 4200 in your line chart.) its only about drag and resize in UX.