Entrust CA Certificate - Error outputting keys and certificates


Hi there guys,


anyone using Entrust CA Certificates for Anaplan Data Integration?


Following the recommendations from Anaplan's list of Supported Root CA Certificates, I have purchased a S/MIME certificate from Entrust and got a ".p12" certificate downloaded to my computer.


When trying to export the Public Certificate following Anapan's guide instructions, I entered the following command:


C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin>openssl pkcs12 -in "My-Downloaded-Entrust-Certificate.p12" -nokeys -out "PublicKey.pem"



And got the following error:


Error outputting keys and certificates
C42C0000:error:0308010C:digital envelope routines:inner_evp_generic_fetch:unsupported:crypto\evp\evp_fetch.c:346:Global default library context, Algorithm (RC2-40-CBC : 0), Properties ()



Screenshot for more details:



Googling around, seems like this certificate uses some sort of legacy encryption technology no longer supported by Open SSL. 


Do any of you use Entrust Certificates or have come across this kind of issue before? Any help is more than welcome at this point.




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  • vipsgoyani2000

    Update : I was able to resolved the certificate conversion issue. OpenSSL version 1.1.1 does not required legacy.dll file. Command works perfectly fine with older version of OpenSSL(v1.1.1)


  • Hello,


    Did you ever solve your issue? 


    Thank you,


  • Hi,


    I have recently used Entrust S MIME type certificate. Check with your IT security team they should help or use the below command to convert .p12 to .pem in open SSL.


    pkcs12 -in "filepath.p12" -nokeys -out "filepath.pem"


    This will generate your .pem certificate.


    -- Selva.

  • Hi @elisa.richomme , unfortunately I did not manage to solve this.

     thanks @selvaam12  for your help.


    nevertheless, I ended up purchasing a S MIME certificate from  different provider. 


    I do not remember the name right now. Let me know if you need a hand here.




  • Hi @selvaam12

    Are you able to resolved the error with Entrust Certificate ?

    The command to convert .p12 to .pem is throwing same error. As @AlejandroGomez motioned , it seems like legacy.dll file issue.



  • Thank you for sharing @vipsgoyani2000