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Hopefully someone can shed some light on why the following isn't working. I've a four dimensioned module that's used to create a numbered list under one of the four dimensions. To make further downstream calculations easier to manage and to improve sparsity only those items that have a value against them are being created.

In module one there's a flag to say whether or not to include it and then a second flag for if it's already in the list (true on one, false on the second).

For 99% of the items that need to be created it works fine, it's the other 1% that make no sense. All the codes are 53 characters long so no issue there. And when the action is run it comes back as green with nothing added even though the view suggest otherwise.

What's even more baffling is that I can manual insert the items that haven't made it in via the automatic process.

Below is the list creation module... and there are two rows which are ticked in column two and a lot that aren't (have been created)




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  • andrewtye

    Figured it out! Huzzah.

    My problem is I was wanting to have four dimensions in my list Selector - Column 1 - Column 2 - Column 3 which Anaplan obviously doesn't like as a saved view. So what it was doing was creating all the items in the item i'd selected in the saved view.

    So as the Column 1 - Column 2 - Column 3 combination is static I just created a new list and then retro-fitted that in enabling a saved view to show all the information and hey presto! it worked.


  • @andrewtye 


    Dude, you need to break up those concatenations better, especially with all of those lists.  Try to use a lookup to a SYS module where you have a line item with the "_" as the prefix and suffix.  This will decrease the overall concatenations in this module which will decrease the "text" size of the module.


    As for your issue, try to figure out which ones are not working (can use a finditem()) and see what is different about them.

  • Word. Is it 1985? Will do re the concatenation point.

    And that's what the puzzling thing on the finditem is... there's nothing that's immediately obvious as to why it's not,

    it should be being created but isn't, in my head the list should just populate with the text from the code column under the parent. I shall dig some more and see what I can uncover!

  • Andrew,


    Yes, I am showing my age and do that from time to time.  That formula is totally GNARLY!


    As for the "opportunity", not an issue, but an opportunity, I would create a line item called Load? which is a boolean with the formula being a finditem(List, code).  Then you can use this as a filter to only load what is checked. Also, and not sure this is happening, but could they be getting loaded outside of the hierarchy, basically an orphan?



  • Rob

    Have added in the "_" as a look-up, has seemed to make the modules more responsive and the action takes less time to run now especially with the finditem flag. So win!

    I checked the orphans and there are none - plus manually adding them to the list wouldn't have worked had that been the case.

    Think i'm going to leave it now as a) 6pm and b) it's too baffling.

    Appreciate your help on the optimisation points.


  • @andrewtye 


    Far out!

  • Totally!