11.3.4: Shipping costs Formula error



I need help for the formula error occurring in Shipping costs. Please find the screenshot for reference.

Thank you



Best Answers

  • Hi @gourav1kumar ,


    Try to assign a Parent member or Top Level to your E1 Departments list. You can give it a name like "All Departments" and save it in the list. This should be able to fix your error in the formula.



    Hemachandan G

  • Hi @gourav1kumar 


    Can you check the configurations tab in the list - G2 Country and E2 Employees# ? If this activity has not been performed correctly, then the data will not be flowing into the modules. 


    G2 Country -- Parent Hierarchy - G1 Region (Select from drop down)

    E2 Employees# -- Parents Hierarchy - E1 Departments (Select from drop down)


    The solution that I provided in the first instance is a general solution in case there is no parent hierarchy setup or if it is a flat list.



    Hemachandan G