List import error : Top level of item


Hi, I want to import List from module.


I have this type of List(▲test) , has top level of item.



I want to import from this module.



But when I tried this, I received error message.

This message says that List_All has failed.

I tried restrict the level of items and hide top level of item,

But I cannot solve it.





Do you have any idea?

Best Answer


  • Hi @hyudolee ,


    Create a list from the saved view & make sure remove the "Top Level" by selecting the levels in a view

    Right-click -> select levels to show




  • I tried this.


    When I use defalut view in import setting, the message has appeared.

    But When I use saved view, I can import correctly.


    In this setting, Module means original view, does not means default view?






  • OK, I understand.


    This means we should not import Data from List to List?

    We should import Data from Module to List, right?

  • Yes @hyudolee You are right!, Import from module to list