Talent Builder Workspace Extension

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Hi Community,


Currently we are using talent builder workspace for all learnings and have exceeded 90 days trail period. Is there any way to get an extension of the time limit?


If we reapply for new workspace will the old model stays as it is or do we have to create the model from scratch?


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  • @Badam 

    You can reapply for more time, but there is a waiting list. As for whether your models will remain active, I don't know. They used to delete them but I've seen examples where the models are restored. My suggestion would be to  request your models to be archived until your space is reactivated.

  • When I emailed 'Talent Builder talentbuilder@anaplan.com', they confirmed that ‘You are welcome to re-apply to the program at any time in the future. Please note, any models created in your temporary workspace will be removed when your 90 days have ended.’