UX Pro Tip - Sharing Pages


Hi Everyone,


This is my first post to the forum and I thought a good introduction would be sharing a UX pro tip that I recently discovered while retaking some training. 


When you share a page, instead of copying the URL from your toolbar, click the share icon and copy link. This will send the page with your current page selectors! This is so simple and yet non of my end users knew about this functionality. After I show someone they always immediately switch since it cuts out the second part of the message after you send the link of "ok what were your page selectors" or "what was your intersection". 


Does anyone else have any tips for sharing pages? My organization doesn't use slack so I'm very curious how that integration works. 


Super excited to be apart of this group and nice to meet you all,



  • Thanks for sharing this pro tip! It's the small things that can really add up over time—great share.