parent-child hierarchy



I am having two lists(A & B), where list A is parent of list B. 

In list A there is a list item "Miscellaneous" which code is "MISC"

In list B there is a list item "Miscellaneous" where parent is "Miscellaneous" in list A and code is "Miscellaneous"

While importing the list items into list B with code, the item "Miscellaneous" is getting failed and it is showing error as "New property combination found but name or code already exists".


Please help me with this.





  • @1635834 


    Yes, you are correct because neither one of the lists are numbered lists.  Funny enough, or really a bug, you can make this work by manually putting those members in, but when you try to automate it with an action, it will fail.  To get around this, you can make List B a numbered list or you can change the name so you don't have two members with the same name.