indention and Summary using LIS


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I would like to ask question, since I have not encountered this matter before. Below is a sample report with indention and Summary style. In this sample report, the items on the row are all Line items. For example the list below is a line item subset. Will I still be able to have indention if I am using an LIS on my row in a report? I have not done this before so I was wondering if there is a way to have some indention when using LIS on the row item. My apologies for just using a dummy report module since we are not allowed to publish the actual report as per agreement with client.





Hope you can provide some clarity on this topic as well as suggestions if there is another work around on this matter.


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  • @Jsdeloria21 


    No, It doesn't allow you to change the indentation of items in LISS Since LISS is a list of line items.


    So think of any list - will you be able to change the indentation of any list item? No, right


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