About subsidiary view


I want to use Subsidiary view.

In Subsidiary view, we can watch only 1 Lineitem not several Lineitems. 


I want Enduser to input the data in these Lineitems in one Dashboard.

Should I have to make a another module?






  • @hyudolee 

    Definitely make another module with the correct lists for that input line item. Then reference the input line item in the main module.

    There are a couple of valid reasons for building subsidiary view, one of them is for an output module where you need it as a filter for reporting purposes. But in your case, as an input, it is strongly recommended that you have that line item in a separate module - you can also learn more about in the Planual and as part of the PLANS methodology.

  • @hyudolee 


    There are only 5 exceptions given by Planual in order for us to create Subsidiary views. Read more here

    2.01-06 Avoid Using Subsidiary Views - Anaplan Community

    Yours does not qualify for any exception. As @JaredDolich mentioned create another module for it.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix