Inserting a new Level into a Composite Hierarchy


Hi All I currently have a Composite Hierarchy with 3 levels. Cost Centre Division -> Cost Centre Department -> Cost Centre Code I want to insert an additional level in the middle called Cost Centre Grouping so my new Composite Hierarchy would have 4 levels looking like this Cost Centre Division -> Cost Centre Department -> Cost Centre Grouping -> Cost Centre Code. The issue I have is many of my Modules already use Cost Centre Code and have Line Items which look up the Parent using PARENT(ITEM(Cost Centre Code)), when I try to swicth the Parent Hierarchy of Cost Centre Code to now be Cost Centre Grouping instead of Cost Centre Department I get errors as the Line Item formulas are incorrect. Is there a quick was of making this switch without having to temporarily modify all the affected modules and Line Items? Ideally it would be great if you could switch of the model integrity checks allowing you to make all the relevant changes and then commit them and turn on the model integrity check  Thanks Paul


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  • simon_ritchie
    Hi Paul,

    No unfortunetely there is no temporary switch for these types of changes...

    Depending on the size of the model and complexity, for some models you might use the Living Blueprint, which you find in Settings / Modules / Line Items.
    This is basically the blueprint for all modules in one place.

    You can export a copy to excel, Delete all formulas (select Formula column and press delete, way too easy 🙂 ), make your list changes, and then paste the formulas back in.
    When you are pasting back in I would normally paste them back in in blocks. Read any error messages carefully because they can sometimes be a little cryptic but generally point you to the LineItem where you may need to adjust the formula or change the format.
    **I would always take a manual backup of the entire model and archive it in Manage Models before radical changes to the model like this**

    Hope this helps.