8.5.2 Activity: Import Data into Price Book Module issue?

Ekran Resmi 2021-12-19 17.08.19.pngEkran Resmi 2021-12-19 17.08.46.pngEkran Resmi 2021-12-19 17.09.11.pngEkran Resmi 2021-12-19 17.09.36.pngHi everybody. I import the Pricebook.csv file to REV01 Price Book module. Everything seems in order until the importing process is completed. As you see on the screenshots after importing the file the prices don't represent the correct value as in the .csv file. Where have I done wrong?

Best Answer

  • Hi @ahmetpolat ,


    can you please change the "Decimal Separator " to Dot under Import Data source?

    Go to action -> Import Data source -> select Price book csv -> edit -> change Decimal Separator to Dot.