Is it possible to synchronise a dashboard view containing a subset?


Hi I have a dashboard with a view of product hierarchy. I have a second module made up of a subset of the product hierarchy I want to synchronise the second view when I select a Product parent in the view above Currently the second view displays all items in the subset regardless of which parent is chosen I know I can dimension the second module using the main product hierarchy (and filter it), but the reason for using the subset is to save model size; the second module will only contain a handful of products. Welcome any ideas Thanks David


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  • alec_judd
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    Hi David,

    You should be able to go to the Selection Options in the second module (with the subset) and check the Syncronize Selection for the Product Hierarchy subset.  This would then change the second module as you click on parents within the first module or if you publish a page selector of the list and make a selection on the parent.