3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page


Hello ,


I am working on Level 2 training and have been stuck on this activity. I am not able to set up page to sync as well as not able to set up SKU view from INV2 module. 


I would really appreciate support with this. 





  • @AlinaK 

    Very close. You've got this. For the INV02 view, you only need one filter, as shown below. In this case I used a custom view, but you can do the same in Classic if you want with a saved view. Use SYS00 Month Only Filter!


    Anytime you need to get grids to synchronize, try using the "Context" tab for each grid and select the lists that you need to synch.



  • Hi Jared! 


    Thank for your help with this! I have managed to figure out why my context was not able to sync (I had some background filters). 


    Looking forward to completing training soon! 



  • How do you get the SKU view? The original INV02 modules is lacking the SKU drop down and it doesn't look like there is a way to link it when you are in the UX page.  

  • @JaredDolich 

    2022-11-01 (5).png

    I need help, Let me know what is wrong and how to go about it.


    1) Should the values match as given here in the activity?

    2) How to add H1 FY 20 to as a context selector?


    2022-11-01 (3).png2022-11-01 (4).png