7.2.4 help needed


I cant seem to remove the entry (sales) in the department row so that it can reflect exactly what was given

in the example. Please how can I resolve this?


Screenshot (99).png



Screenshot (100).png



Screenshot (101).png


  • @Afroxyz 

    Oh, so very close! You can do one of two things:

    • Manually map department code to department. Anaplan will accept the name or the code and map it correctly.
    • Ignore department and use a formula instead. PARENT(ITEM('E2 Employees#')). To be honest, this would be my preferred method because you already have the department identified in the lists because department is the parent of the employee. By importing the department manually, you run the risk of being out of sync with the lists and that can cause all kinds of problems later.


    If you're just trying to blank out the line item use the formula BLANK and it will remove everything. Then delete the formula.


  • already tried bith solutions none worked. the code is coming back as invalid

  • @Afroxyz 

    Does the Department list contain codes?

    Mapping Department Code in the import or using PARENT(ITEM()) should return the list item but only if the list contains codes.

    Check if if the code is missing reload the Department list and try again.