New Modeling Experience access bug


I've been using the new modeling experience mode as a workspace administrator and i've been having the bug where I can't access the modules/lists/dashboards I have open, and a notice saying that I don't have access to those resources. Has anyone else experienced this? I can normally bypass the bug by opening the last tab i have open and working my way to the left until I get to the one I want to look at. But just now, i got stuck in a loop  where my screen is just blinking because i dont have access to everything. I lost the tabs I have open because I had to refresh. 

I hope this can be fixed.



  • Hi @kbandelaria,


    Try to contact your Tenant Administrator for this access issue. He can help you out.




  • Hi @kbandelaria,

    Thanks for bringing this up. Unfortunately we are aware of an issue with the modeling experience at the moment that can lead to the experience you describe and we will fix the issue in an upcoming release.


  • Thanks, Chris!