Making ONE Line Item Editable in NUX


Hi all - 


I have a dashboard in the new UX and I'm hoping to set it up so only one line item is editable. Basically, the end user wants to add a Boolean line item that they can manually check. However, I can't achieve this by simply turning on "allow editing" as there are import line items in the same grid. The end user doesn't want these import line items to be editable; they just want this new boolean formatted line item to be capable of being edited.


I've explored DCA as an option, but don't think it's viable here; if I put read access on the import line items, then non-workspace admin/non-full access users will not be able to import into those line items anymore.


Is this possible to do?


  • Set up dynamic cell access to set lines that are updated via an import to read and editable lines as write.

    Setting a line item as read only via DCA does not prevent it from bring updated via an action.

    To use DCA create a new module containing two boolean line items; Read and Write. Set both to TRUE. 

    In the blueprint of the target module set the read access drive to the Read line item. 

  • @aschmalingI think the DCA is still a solution here: the purpose is to "protect" the imported cells from manual modifications by adding a DCA for both Read and Write only for the Import line-items in the Target module (the module with data).. You can follow these steps:


    - create a separate module for DCA (it is possible also without any other lists in "Apply To" or by using only the Users lists to make it valid only for the Current User) with 2 boolean line-items: "Reall ALL" and "Write ALL". "Read ALL" has a formula "TRUE" and Write ALL is manual input (without formula).


    - Create 2 import actions to update the "Write ALL" line-item: first action to import TRUE into "Write ALL" and second Action to Import FALSE into "Write ALL"


    -  setup DCA for all the Imported line-item in the Target modules using the "Read ALL" and "Write ALL" line-items

    - Create a process to be used for import which has in sequence these actions:

    1. Import Action to setup TRUE in "Write ALL" (this will make All import line-items in the Target module to be editable)

    2. Import Action to import all data into Target module ( the normal import action)

    3. Import action to setup FALSE in "Write ALL": this will make the import line-items "Read only"


    This way, by default, in the Target module with data,  you will have the import line-items only with "Read only" because of the DCA and all other line-items without DCA can be manually changed. 

    only when "Write ALL" line-item becomes "TRUE" the import line-items become "editable". 


    Hope it helps.