Shrink Columns in NUX


In the Classic UX, a blank column would shrink to a narrow column. In the NUX, the column maintains it's size and appears blank. This is very distracting for the end user. Is there a workaround to hide or shrink blank columns in the NUX?




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  • KirillKuznetsov


    I see your point, thanks for sharing.

    Card width is fixed indeed and there is no dynamic width change possible. I guess the engine design of the NUX does not allow this.

    This won't be possible to migrate the functuionality of your DB from Classic one-to-one way, unfortunately.

    But you can do a workaround and redesign it! Actually, Anaplan says you don't have to design the boads in NUX the same way you'd do in classic BDs, because it's not always the best suited for NUX.

    Here are some examples:

    - use Worksheets where the current year is in the main grid part. And future year cards (i see them rather small on your screenshot) could be in the "Insights" screen - the right part.

    - on the boards you could put the current year table in the bottom instead of to the right.


  • @JessicaD 

    There are multiple was to affect columns appearance in NUX.

    • You can show/hide them via the eye icon.
    • You can change width by dragging the border of the columns.
    • Also there is a regular filter feature which you can setup to hide columns as you want.

    Could you share a little bit more details about your case to help you?




  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Thank you for the reply! In my use case, there is a column for MAT. This column contains data when the user selects the current year. If the user selects a future year, the column contains no data and is blank. I'd like the user to see the full column when current year is selected and then hide the column when a future year is selected. This is how the classic ux behaved without any special settings. Is this possible in the NUX?


  • @KirillKuznetsov 

    It's good to know there isn't a way to do this in the NUX. That's a good suggestion for a workaround. I'll look into it!

    Thank you!