Import Data into DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters Module



I'm trying to import Weekly Safety Stock Csv file into the DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters Module.

I'm not sure if something is wrong with my mapping, because I'm not getting any error, the import is being successful without data from the Csv, import results tab says ignored, why is my import getting ignored?

No records are updated

1. The Half Year from the source is mapped correctly

2. The code from the source is mapped correctly

Any help is truly appreciated.



Harsha Rappan




  • Hi Harsh,


    Can you share me another tab Details, we can look into the exact one there.

  • @HarshaR 

    This appears then in the imported items there are mapped items which are: non-editable or mentioned as ignored in the settings of your import (either automatically or manually). Practically if there is nothing to be imported from the source, those items will be in Ignored count. 

    For more details I have to ask you to check all of the import settings mapping tabs (for each dimension). 

  • I don't see any specific details on this tab either. The source file which is SKU flat list for this import has data in it.

    The import file is weekly safety stock csv file, attached for your reference. It has year, code and weekly safety stock for each product, basically this file contains the inventory for all the SKUs.


    I checked the import mapping setting, i could not find abnormalities there either, not sure what I'm missing here.

  • I found the issue. The issue is with the timescale for weekly safety stock line item, the timescale was set to week, i changed it to Half year and the import worked.