L2 Sprint 1 - Import Data into G2 Country List

Hi @JaredDolich 


trust you can provide guidance here. What am I doing incorrectly here? Please share.

Task request: Import Data into G2 Country List In the Data Hub model, import data from the source saved view into the target list: Source: SYS06 Country Details module, Build Country saved view Target: G2 Country list NOTE: This list is part of the geographic hierarchy. Remember to designate the Parent when importing the data.

Situation: I cannot get the country upload - from saved module view to list with the appropriate hierarchy setup.
It can be mapped manually and I'd still like to understand what am I doing incorrectly. Appreciate if you can share your wisdom and experience.

SYS05 Module Saved View:



SYS06 Module Saved View:


G1 Region List:



G2 Country list before the upload (populated automatically after loading G1 Region List):



Import Mapping:


Import errors:


G2 Country list after the upload:


Many thanks.



  • @Tom1407 

    Hey Tom, looks like you're really close. You did everything correctly but I'm wondering if your G2 Country list is set up correctly. G2 Country is part of the "Try it" hierarchies so the need to have their parent/child set up. Make sure it looks like this:



  • What is your parent hierarchy in G2 Country List, can you please check the configure tab for country list. Looks like your parent hierarchy may not be correct. The parent hierarchy for G2 Country list should be G1 Region.

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    here it is.

    G1 region - all regions.

    G2 country  - G1 region

    G3 locations - G2 country.


    Many thanks.



  • Hi @HarshaR ,


    here it is:




  • @Tom1407 

    Ah, okay! I see the issue. For G1, you have Region CODE for both the name and the Code. You need to load the "Name" into G1 Region first. You'll be all set!  Like this:



  • @JaredDolich 

    as SYS05 is feeding G1 Regions - how did I break that? I used saved view and loaded into regions.

    Did I incorrectly map it? If I did, am I wrong in my assumption that Anaplan would flag that as incorrect?

    Module seems to be accurate:



  • @Tom1407 

    Your flat list is fine. It's your G1 List "Try It" that needs to be adjusted. This is the image you shared:

    Rebuild this list making sure the Code is only used once and for "Code" Use the Region description for the "Name" . You got this!