Level 1 Model Building : Question 2 not clear



not getting the answer of this question. Please suggest the answer of this question.


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  • JaredDolich


    Understood. While we cannot provide answers to exam questions we can try to steer you in the right direction. During the course you were shown a naming convention for structured lists (parent/child). You were then asked to create a child list in the product hierarchy. Based on the instructions, can you follow the pattern to name your new list?


  • Hi Jared,


    Thanks for you response. 

    It's like following but not sure how to mention there.

    ---Geo Hierarchy---
    G1 Region
    G2 Country
    G3 Location

    ---Product Hierarchy---
    P1 Product Family
    P2 Products


    Thanks & Regards,

    Gaurav Kothiyal