Better Formula Editor for Anaplan; A new Chrome/Firefox/Edge Extension



  • Ok @GeorgeDuckett 

    Thanks for the fix. I'll try the new version.😊

  • Hi @GeorgeDuckett

    Has the plugin stopped working after recent changes to Anaplan? It stopped working roughly a month ago for me and a group of colleagues, suspiciously close to when Anaplan added its formula editor...

    We absolutely love the Better Formula Editor and are desperate to get it back if possible!

  • Hi @mrunblom

    Sorry about that, I noticed this a while back and meant to update it. It should be fixed now, with the new version in the Chrome store already and Firefox and Edge versions going live in a day or two.

  • Just to say I will be at the the Anaplan UKI Reconnect event in the Euston Road office today, if anyone had any thoughts / comments / suggestions for this extension.