Level 1 MB Exam: Activity 4 and 5


Hello fellow Anaplanners!


I've been stuck on this part of the Level 1 MB exam for the past day and I have no idea how to fix what's going on. I imported the Employee Details by Role.txt file into the data and the list seems to work fine, although there is no parent (which is most likely the issue) and the transfer of the data into SYS08 Employee Details and it looks fine to me. I also imported the Employee Drivers by Role.csv file into EMP03 Drivers by Role and again it looks good to me. Then I started typing the formula to update the line items for EMP02 and I got the error located in the error file. 


If anyone could help me identify what the problem is, that would be such a relief as I have checked everything multiple times and couldn't find a solution.