L1 Exam help on Activity 5 and 6


Hi, I am stuck in the Activity 4 and 5. I am using the below formula to calculate the expense


'EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role'.Car Allowance[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Department, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Role] and data has been populated but it seems wrong. Plz see the screenshot.

Can some please help me in correcting the formula... I have spent 4 hours and did not able to figure it out.





Best Answer

  • bhatjaved



    Hi you need to use Boolean condition of employed? as if employed? Then Employee Drivers by Role'.Car Allowance and look it up with respect to department and country thus your formula should look like this 


    IF Employed? THEN 'module name.car allowance[LOOKUP:department,LOOKUP:country ] else 0 .


    formula is not complete here as you need to mention your respective module names  .