L1MB 4.6.8 Activity: Import Data into E1 Departments List

Hi All,


Newbie here. Have a confusion on the below activity. Below is what suggested in the training module. Grid view should look like this Training Snip.JPG


When I import the Department for the above grid view - I get the warning but the data gets loaded as per the document.



When I try to correct the import via these steps Correct MappingCorrect MappingShows Correctly mapped - No WarningsShows Correctly mapped - No WarningsGrid View is completely different now.Grid View is completely different now.



Can someone please advise how to proceed with this?


  • Hi @singhprashant8 .


    You don't have to map parent here, Parent mapping should be blank. you mapping will be like this Dept name -> E1 Department & Dept code -> Code.


    "All department is not a parent, it's a Top Level of the list.



  • Thanks @Akhtar.shahbaz . It worked - going forward - in case if we're loading data in a list and if it's a top level then leave it as a blank,don't mark it as a parent, can it be taken as a thumb rule? - or it's more of case by case basis. 

  • Greetings,

    on this same activity I've mapped using the following 


    I am getting the following 



    I am trying to get to below. I am stuck and cannot figure this out. What am I doing wrong?



  • I am actually on 

    6.10.2 Activity: Add Formulas to Department Details Module

    but since I am unable to get E1 Departments mapped correctly it is impacting the assignment.