Issues in populating the start date and end date fir SYS08 Employee details


I tried to import the Employee details sheet into SYS08 Employee details module.. Except for the start and leave date, all other data got imported.   I tried the Custom format for Date as well, it did not work.. If anybody has any soluton, pls help


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  • AntonMineev

    Thank you!

    You do not have a date separator in the source file. Try using the custom format YYYYMMDD (if the second number is a month). Alternatively, change the format in the file itself (through Excel).


  • Hi @Hali!

    When importing dates, mapping (the order of days, months, years and the number of characters in their definition) is extremely important. Reopen the import settings (or create another one) and pay attention to the date mapping option (example in screenshot 1). Then click Edit and make sure that the mapping matches your data (ideally you will see the match on the right, as in the picture).


    Снимок экрана 2021-12-28 в 08.18.24.pngСнимок экрана 2021-12-28 в 08.18.38.png

  • Still there is a date issue and date is not been accepted...

    Pasting here the status of the import....Not showing date 



    Success! Import complete.
    Result Summary
      SYS08 Employee Details from Employees (1).csv
      SYS08 Employee Details Updated Ignored Failed
      Current Salary11100
      Commission %11100
      1 Line Item identifier(s) ("Dept Code") were not mapped and ignored
  • Can you make a screenshot of the import settings (including time mapping) and the source file?

  • Here are the screenshots