12.4.1 Activity: Create Saved View for Non Employee Expenses


When I filter on Forecast months only (see screen shot) I can still see data from 2019 (second screenshot). What is wrong?





Forecast months only looks like this: 





  • @hannaaberg 


    Can you show me if you have used time dimension in SYS00 module , show me screen grab after applies to column ?

    also go out of blueprint and see if all months are being populated where forecasted Boolean is checked only for 2020 & 2021 

  • The time scale is set to month


    For some reason that I am not aware of it seems like Forecast Period? is set to True for 2019, when looking at the grid view here, which is explaining why the filter won't work as intended:


    Current period and Actual period is false for all months and years, Forecast period? is however true for all months.


    I have also experienced issues with versions (actual/budget/forecast), which I have posted other threads with questions on. Guess these could be interlinked in some way?  However the SYS09 Version Details do not seem to be linked to this (but is not working either...)

  • @hannaaberg 


    Ok . Check if you have selected current period in model calendar ? if not it should be Jan20 also you don't need quarter totals you can turn that off too in model calendar .


  • Now it seems to be working. I had only selected Current Fiscal Year, not Current Period. Perhaps this should be added in the step by step guide so that it is not missed? I cannot recall that this has been mentioned.


    However, the issue that I posted about seperatley here still persists (https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Anaplan-Platform/11-3-2-Activity-Import-Data-into-P-amp-amp-L-Actual-and-Budget/m-p/128370#M32517). Do you mind having a look at this as well?