L2 Sprint Create Line Chart - Numbered Months


I'm looking at the requirements for the Line Chart. I have been able to get the numbers correct. My formulas appear to be working, however, I'm trying to match the template...  Where I'm struggling is the Month Numbers at the bottom of the chart.  Instead of JAN 20, FEB 20...  it's 1, 2, 3...24. 

Since I don't have Page Builder Role, have to create this on a Page.

My Line Chart view of DEM03 Demand Forecast has to contain those numbers instead of the Month Year...  

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.



Best Answer

  • AntonMineev


    There is no easy setting for this in the system. You can use an auxiliary reference list, but it is hardly required in a training task. Especially if it is a sketch - a preliminary view of the dashboard. In practice, the final dashboard is always different from the outline. Keep on with the course and don't worry!


  • Hi @paulnjr!


    Interesting, but I don't know of a setting that could change the axis name like that. Moreover, the numbers and names on the graph are different from those in the view screenshot. Can you double-check and re-create the graph? Better to use a unique View name (with the module code). I would also try another way to create the graph: Custom View. That should help.

  • Thanks for the quick response!  The picture of the chart is a picture from the requirements.  I have attached a new picture from the Requirements. The picture of the grid is a picture of my data.  Here is a picture of my chart...  Was hoping to find a way to match it perfectly.  I can do it in Excel, thought there may be a way of doing it in Anaplan...

    Again, thanks for the quick reply!