Report Pages


I started building report pages and have a few questions.
In table cards is there an option to select font size? the users complained it is to small to see. Couldn't fine a way to change this.

Will there be an option to export the report to powerpoint? We have places where the users want to type in text with explanations about some slide information. 
Thank you


  • @CommunityMember127578 


    You can take advantage of these options. There is no other way to change the font size of the text, although there are ideas that have already been submitted regarding this.


    On pdf exports, I don't think that Reports can be exported out. However it can be presented directly without taking the exports, that's the beauty of report page


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix


  • Thank you.
    The tables are very hard to read with current font size. I saw the idea exchange. Hope it will happen soon