Percentage data to high when importing from csv file


Is seem to have problem with importing data for list items with type percentage.


For example, in the Model builder 1 course i try to import data to list item Bonus % in the EMP01 Employee Drivers module. The format looks as follow:



The data in the csv file is for example 0,12. So this should translate into 12% once imported, but the result that I receive is this:


So it seems like it's 100 times higher than it should. What do I do wrong here?



  • In this case you can fix the source and convert % column to decimals which will give you correct % in line items or you may create additional line item in module to further divide the source and have percentage line item populated

  • @hannaaberg 

    Check the settings in the import to ensure that you are recognising the decimal and thousand separators correctly. 

    I suspect the current settings are recognising dot as the thousand separator and comma as the decimal separator. 

    Be mindful of the formatting of the source data when importing. 


  • In which step in the import do I check this? I can only se that this looks OK but there is no way of finding out how Anaplan interprets the actual bonus % data?





    The decimal point is set to "." and the thousand seperator is set to "," so I don't think that your initial hypothesis holds since the csv has a "."

  • @hannaaberg 

    You need to create a new data source by selecting the data source again and reconfiguring the settings.