9.2.6 5% Not Crossing Over


I have all formulas in correctly and can't figure out why my cross-check (listed in course) is not working. Any suggestions on what else to fix?




  • Hi @tylerstimpson 


    Setting unit cost value in year 2019 to 5% does not affect the result in the Line Item "Unit Cost Growth" in REV03 module.


    Just because the formula is so (IF 'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period? THEN YEARVALUE('REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging'.Unit Cost %) ELSE 0), changing the value in non-forecast years does not change the value in Line Item "Unit Cost Growth" in REV03 module.


    But changing value to 5% in Unit Price in year 2021 in REV03 module must affect the result in the Line Item "Unit Price Growth" in REV03 module accordingly. However according to your screenshot it seems that there is a problem with the formula. Can you please take a screenshot of your formulas?


    Happy new year by the way!


  • @tylerstimpson 

    Check the summary settings as they are not set correctly. 

    The screenshot suggests they are set to SUM. Summing a ratio up a hierarchy will not generate the correct outcome as they need to be recalculated at each level to provide the correct ratio at that level. 


    Therefore, use Formula summary settings which will tell Anaplan to use the inherent line item formula to derive the ratio at each level of the hierarchy.

  • Hi Chris - I believe that's exactly what the issue was. I was able to sort it, thanks for the response. It's great to keep in mind for the future.

  • Hi @aykcos - thanks for the response, apologies for mine being so late. But yes, it ended up being the summary settings. Happy new year to you too!



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