How to undo delete for line items


I accidentally deleted multiple line items. Have been trying to restore it by going in history and clicking restore id.But Iam not able to select multiple ID of line items to restore , have to select each and go back which is taking lot of time.please suggest command to restore multiple line items at once.

Shreya Rewadkar


Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @ShreyaR ,


    You need not to select multiple ID's while doing the restore. You need to select only one ID, which you are confident about having all the Line Items present. Referring to the screenshot, the ID that needs to be selected is the one from where you started deleting the Line Items.


    You can term these ID's as a state of model at that particular point of time. Restoring the model to the selected ID means you are restoring the model at that particular point of time. 


    I hope it helps