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I am unable to get the result as per the screenshot with respect to Create Saved View for Export (

I gave Time dimension as Half-yearly only. But still the columns FY19 & FY20 appears in my module (DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters).

Please find the screenshots for reference.


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  • JaredDolich


    Sure. Go back to your original post to DAT04. Here you can set a filter on your view that will remove the years from the grid. Here's how to set a filter.




  • Hi,


    You can hide the FY20 and FY21 column by selecting those column and hiding it. (Right click and hide) Don't forget to save the view at the end.


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  • Hi @rahulborkar

    Inspite of 'hiding' FY20 & FY21, can I select (H1 & H2 FY20, H1 & H2 FY21) and do Select Selection and then save the file?
  • @gourav1kumar 

    great question. Two solutions available here.

    1. @rahulborkar idea to hide the years by right clicking the years and using HIDE. This is not a good long term solution though. In the New UX you can hide the time summaries which is great for visualization but doesn't really help you here.
    2. Another way is to create a Boolean line item in your HALF system module (SYS03) called "HY Only?" and set the formula to TRUE. Then use this line item as a filter in your saved view. Now only half years will appear. This is the preferred method.


  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    In SYS02 the time scale is already set to Half yearly. Also the formula is set to TRUE. But still the columns FY20 & FY21 appears in my module (DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters).


    However, in the 2nd point you have mentioned - 'Then use this line item as a filter in your saved view'. Can you please make me understand how to do this step.



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  • Hi @JaredDolich,

    That's amazing. I really appreciate your guidance.
    I got the end result.

    Thank you so much.