Submit Button


Hi Community,


I need to build sales planning process, where region heads should be able to submit the once they are done with the planning process and it should flow to the CEO. As a part of it I need to create a submit button in the dashboard.


Is it possible to create such buttons either in the old dashboard or new user interfaces, in the talent builder workspace?





  • @Badam 

    There are several things you can do.

    1. The first is to build the CEO a dashboard that shows the approval or submitted status. On that board will be the Boolean checkboxes enabled or disabled by each individual region head. You can then use DCA to disable the editability once the box is checked. You will also need a process to reset the checkboxes when it's time to recycle the plans.
    2. Alternatively, or in addition to, you can use actions to copy the approved values to a secure module that only the CEO can see or edit.
    3. Create email notifications. This can be done manually by each region head or through formulas. This feature is only possible in the New UX though. Create notification actions - Anaplan Technical Documentation