Getting Error on Model to Model Import


Hello Anaplanners,


I am getting an error:


'Failed to retrieve field list from the selected data source. Please check your import settings and try again'


while setting up a Model to Model Import. The dimensions are exactly the same in both the modules. Though few List Items in the Location list are missing, I feel its fine as they will be ignored during the import. But my point is Anaplan is not even letting me to do the mapping part of the import. Can anybody help me on this. I am attaching the snip below


FYI : I am having full access and admin access to both the models.


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  • SathyaM
    Answer ✓

    Hi @anand.shekhawat,


    Check the mapping in Settings -> Source models. Click on Edit mapping and map it to the correct Workspace/Model.

    Try to create a new action to re-import the data from the other model.




  • anand.shekhawat

    Yeah You Correct @SathyaM 🙂


    Silly me, I changed the mapping to Prod model for some reason and forgot.


    Thank You