Model Construction accommodating multiple businesses


If there are different businesses with unique planning characteristics (e.g. revenue and cost of goods) but operating within the same metadata framework, is it preferable to create different models representing each business or a single model with different modules pertaining to each business? Each business will be operated by different sets of users (and hence differing security) but a total consolidated view is required of all businesses. There will also be a need to have inter-business calculations for allocations and transfer pricing considerations, among other cross organizational calculations. Thanks!


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  • Anaplan Security is fiddly and hard to manage.  So from this perspective if you have losts of users and differing securtiy requirements across the companies then it would be best to have each company in a seperate model.

    However Oleg is right - the cross company calculations and consilidation would be much easier if things were in a single model

    The solution of having different models for each company will require imports and exports which can be automated and run for buttons on a dashboard, so the process is not onerous.  It does however mean that before you can see "the answer" you need to have ensured that the inports and exports have been run in each model.
  • Hi Tim
    Couldn't found any hard thing in Anaplan Security administration
    As for me it's quite easy to manage any user rights using User tab
    1 page where you could see and change all details you want 

    Much more easy than browsing between different models
    the only thing is how to build manageable design for role model with appropriate access between users, lists, modules etc