Waterfall Chart




I have Query related to waterfall chart in Anaplan. I have a below modules with line items mentioned. Want to create water fall chart with Actual Contribution line item acting as a total in the Chart. Since Actual Contribution line item does not have simple sum of above line item. It doesn't allow it to act as total in Waterfall chart.


FYI, In Excel we can randomly select any row to act as total in Water fall chart.


Can any one help me on this.  






  • Hi Ankit,

    In Anaplan the Actual Contribution line item will act as a total in the Chart, but I can see in your module that the line items have subsidiary view which might cause an issue for the chart. So try to create a output module without any subsidiary view with this line items and dimension for creating the waterfall chart.




  • @Arnab116 


    No, Subsidiary view not an issue here. I have created module without subsidiary. it will not allow to create waterfall chart, Since Actual Contribution is not acting as sum of all other line item. I want Actual Contribution to act as total in Waterfall chart