RE Activity Create Planning Period Filters

Hi @Misbah ,


I am having confusion with below 2 line items as purpose seems same.


please help me to understand.






  • @abhi12K 

    The system module SYS00 Time Settings by Month should contain a boolean which indicates the time periods (months) which fall within the planning period. 


    You are required to use this line item to populate a boolean in SYS01 Time Settings by Week module to indicate which time periods ( this time weeks ) which fall within the same planning period. 


    As there is an inherent parent child relationship between month and week it is possible to use a function to tell Anaplan which value to retrieve from SYS00. Review Anapedia to determine which function will do this for you. 


    The difference between the two is that the first requires the parent of week (month ) to also be populated while the second only requires the time periods (weeks) to be populated. This is a matter of using different summary settings which can be changed within the blueprint of the module.