Level 2 Model Building: Conclusion DATA02 SKU Volumes


Hey folks,

I'm on Level 2 Model Building: Conclusion, and it says:


"Import Final Demand Forecast into DAT02 Module 

In the Financial Planning & Analysis model:  

Import the Demand data into the DATA02 SKU Volumes module.

  • The results should have none ignored and 0 errors.

Update Actions and Processes:

  • Rename the import: 1.2 Import SKU Volume from Supply Chain; update the description.
  • Add the Action to Process: 1 Import Shipping Costs from Supply Chain."

I don't see any steps for adding DATA02 SKU Volumes in the Level 1 Model Building course. Are there outdated courses, or am I going mad?


Best Answer


  • Hey @NoxVoortella -

    You're super close. It's not entirely intuitive what do here but what's being asked is that you create an action in your Level 1 model that imports the SKU volume from your Level 2 model into DAT02 which is in your Level 1 model. To be fair, I didn't load mine into the actual SKU volume. I created a new line item in DAT02 for this purpose just to show that I did it. No point in ruining your Level 1 model.






  • Hi @JaredDolich

    Thank you for your suggestion - just one quick question, from which module in Level 2 do we have to import SKU Volume?