"Use Switchover" & Version Switchover Change


Bit of a weird thing happened in a model today whilst preparing it for the next round of forecasting.

Change the switchover date of forecast from Oct-21 to Jan-22... and 6 minutes of toaster time followed by an invalid line item message. Really quite weird, as this hasn't happened before - so I check the line item and the referenced modules and notice that some have "Use Switchover" selected. Now these modules don't require the use of switchover as the values come in from another model, so deselected and presto the version can now be updated to Jan-22.

Am puzzled why I got toaster time in the first place and why deselecting "Use Switchover" has seemingly solved the problem, my only thought is that the "invalid" module is dimensioned by month and the source ones are years and maybe that has something to do with it.

Any thoughts??



  • @andrewtye 


    Very interesting...My first thought would be to look at the formula within the offending line item and then see if any line item is attempting to reference a date that is outside the Timescale parameters.



  • @rob_marshall 

    That's what I thought could've been the case too. Guess that when it was first written all the months, years aligned and it's only gone "wrong" because there's effectively no actuals in the year.

    Most odd.