NUX - Filter row items in a view based on the Page Context Selector


I have a NUX page with multiple custom views.  One of the views has Distribution Centers on the rows.  The Page has a context selector for Distribution Centers; however, it does not filter the rows on the view.  Is there a way to set that up?


NUX Filter Issue 2.png


  • Have you done "show/hide" at all on the view?

    Sometimes find that causes the selectors to not work.

    Or if there's no parent/child relationship then again it won't filter correctly.

  • It's not a show/hide issue because it shows all distribution centers. For example, if you look at the screenshot Vancouver and Toronto are displayed, but other distribution centers from other countries are displayed as well.  I would like it to show only Vancouver and Toronto when Canada is selected on the Page.

  • @ScottA

    I think Andrew is concerned about hierarchy levels Show/Hide, not on items.

    If this is about no parent/child relationship then you should try to setup a filter module (dimensioned by Countries and distribution centers) and then apply that filter to distribution centers list based on the selected country.

  • Based on this screenshot, you cannot enable the hierarchy filter on the G3 Location: Distribution Center? dimension. The information help tip says, "Hierarchy filter not supported as the underlying view has a selection applied".  What exactly does "selection applied" mean? NUX Filter Issue 3.png 

  • I got this resolved. I only had the lowest level in the dimension showing.  Once I included the other roll-up levels it worked just fine. (Funny, I don't remember hiding the parent levels.)

    Thanks for everyone's help with this!