How to pull property data in line item




I have module with two lists and in that module for one line item i need to pull data from one of the List's property. for example: i have Employee list with its property as "Position" and i have module with Employee & Product as List and i have Line item as Position. So i need to pull Position of all employees in that Module.


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  • @priyanka1029 


    I would suggest build top level to Employee list and give direct reference of a list property in your target module .

  • Hi @priyanka1029 

    As best practises, we don’t recomend to use list property instead you can create a system module with employee dimension & store all the list properties value in this module & you can refer this module to next module





  • Hi @priyanka1029 

    you can click on the formula bar and refer it to that your module has that dimension/list).

    If your module does not have that list from where you want to bring the, then create a line item for lookup of that list and use the below formula.[lookup: <list formatted line item>]

    it is not the best practice to bring the list property into line item of module. Create a system module and hold all your properties there and refer from module to module.