Circular Reference between Versions

I have a use case where the client performs inverse calculations between versions.  For example, here are the line items:

  • # New Customers
  • New Customers MAC (Actuals come from GL and forecast is calculated with the following formula) = # new customers*customer conversion rate
  • Customer Conversion Rate (Actuals are calculated as follows, and forecast is manually input) = New Customers MAC/# New Customers

In Excel, the calculation works by doing an "if" statement that points to a cell that designates Actual vs Forecast.  The formula  for New Customers MAC within Anaplan, ideally, would be "IF ISACTUALVERSION Then pull from GL ELSE # new customers*customer conversion rate", however Anaplan sees this as a circular reference.  I have tried multiple ideas (creating new line items to house values, using Formula Scope in blue print and separating out the Actual calc and Forecast calcs on separate line item, creating another module to reference) to no avail.  Has anyone every seen this situation? 


Best Answer

  • Hi Julie
    I think the easiest way is to update actuals for New Customers MAC by using the import action from GL