Level 2 Sprint 1 Import Data into G3 Location List

Having trouble importing from a saved model. I've searched through the community for answers but still stuck. Can't seem to figure out how to get the column with the Boolean list.


This is the activity and the end result:





This is what mine looks like and the error I'm getting:






Any help would be appreciated.




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  • bhatjaved
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    Great !! In your G3 location list create s G3 Location:Distribution Center? as subset than in your sys07 Module save `build location module view like below and re-import in G3 list , this time you will map subset too .





  • @zoecassell 


    Can you please check “Configure” tab of G3 list and see if you have parent field updated? 
    If not, make sure it’s updated and re run the action.



    Miz Logix

  • @zoecassell 


    Your location list is parented by country not region , please map it to country . Also you need to bring distribution center? information too thus your data hub sys07 module view should show list item/code/country/distribution center and than map them with the respective fields while building location list in Level 2 model .

  • I changed the parent, thanks but the distribution column is still not showing. How do I get that in the view?



    This is what my module view looks like for SYS07



  • Thank you!