Level 2: Conclusion INV05 Shipping Export


First of all, I greatly appreciate this community and the help you provide.  

I have been wracking my brain, searching, and unable to find an answer. Perhaps I'm over thinking this? I was able to get the sum of the Final Shipping Price in with no problem.

Where I'm stuck is the Code.

I read that I "will want to import G3 Location by Code."  Does this mean I'm supposed to import the Location into my INV05 Shipping Export Model? Or is this telling me the Exported File is supposed to be imported at the Location Code Level? Like this?


Reading the requirements, I see:


"There's no need to recreate." So, I created the subsidiary view by changing the Time Scale on the Code line to NA. This caused the sub view icon to appear on the line.


The only thing I could think of putting in the formula for code is to grab the Code from the location list.?? 

However, looking at the Subsidiary lesson, that doesn't make sense to me. The grid view shows the Code in place? Why would I need a Subsidiary view then?


And when I pivot the Module with Location on the Rows and Line Items in the Columns, that's not right!?


I know I'm close...  and I know it's something small...  But, I've been looking at this so long, I can't seem to get it...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks again...




Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov

    Hi @paulnjr 

    Let me help you with that.

    As i can see they ask you to create an export.

    In export settings at Labels tab you can choose any list properties including name and code.


    Most probably you will need the line item Code for some import from module to module or something. So that's why you are getting confused.


    Subsidary view is required for Code because this line item will never change for different months. So you can exclude it from Applies to.


  • Thank you so very much!  That's what I was looking for.  Thinking I needed my Pivot to look exactly how the export should look is where I had my "moment"...




    It's all good now!  Thank again for the fast reply and awesome answer!

  • I'm as confused just like you. How did you pivot the module to get the correct mapping to export?

  • Thanks Paulnjr. It was confusing at first but I managed to figure it out.