Zoom in on charts in desktop apps?


Is it possible for a user to zoom into a chart in an app that's delivered via a desktop?


  • @steve.mainprize 

    Hi Steve,

    There is a Maximize button on the top-right corner of each card.




  • Thank you, @KirillKuznetsov, but that's not quite what the user wants. They want to be able to see part of the chart in more detail, rather then whole of the chart slightly larger. For example, they might have a scatter chart where almost all the data is in the bottom left, but there's an outlier data point in the top right.  They would like to be able to zoom into the bottom left so that the outlier effectively disappears off the screen and they can see the rest of the data in more detail.


    I believe you can do this on mobile by pinching and stretching with your fingers (though I've not tried it), but I want it to work on the desktop.

  • @steve.mainprize 

    If you use laptop and multi-touch trackpad then most of the browsers will allow you to zoom in/out with your fingers (like on mobile devices) using the trackpad. This works for me. Try it too.

    If you're using mouse I am sure there are some extentions for Chrome Browser that can help.


    You could also try to implement a filter which will hide some of the outliers from the chart and adjust the size automatically.