Level 2 Model Building: Conclusion DATA02 SKU Volumes Data Issue


Good Day!  The instructions for importing DATA02 SKU Volumes module says:
"The results should have none ignored and 0 errors"

Well, I had a large number of ignored records, and I did not have summary data included.  


After some digging, I discovered the problem.


The data I imported into DEM04 Demand Module, first, Misspelled Montreal.  The data came in as "Montereal" Since I'm using the Names, instead of the Codes, this caused a number of records to be Ignored.

The Second problem is, in the DEM04 Demand data, Mumbai is one of the Locations in India, however, in the Level 1, Model. India only has Bombay, and Bangalore.


Had I used the Location Code, I wouldn't have had this problem since Bombay and Mombai both have the code G037


Just thought I'd bring that to your attention! 


Have an awesome Day!