Rollup and SUM with own value


Friends, need help & suggestion in achieving the below


Above table clearly shows the Parent and Child combination but the catch is to consider own cost and child to show the rollup.. We have discovered a long method by introducing multiple line items (10 bare minimum; since the depth may be of 10 levels) but looking for more viable solution around the issue.


Help will be appreciated!


Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka



    As far as I know, there is no easy solution. What usually works for business is to introduce "dummy" items in order to always store and input data at lowest levels (so into items without children) and then simple sum works just fine. So your example would look like:

    #IDParent IDOwn CostRolled Up Cost
    11234  700
    2   1234_Own1234100100
    3   12351234100100
    4   12361234100100
    5   12371234 400
    6       1237_Own1237200200
    7       12391237 200
    8          1239_Own1239100100
    9          12401239100100