Invalid Parent Error


I keep getting an invalid parent error and then manually having to select the parent after importing. I now have a list with 400 that have to be mapped to the parent manually. I'm not understanding why this is happening and how to fix it.

For context I am duplicating a list from 1 model into another and have set up the new list with the same configurations as the original. See screenshot below: 






Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka
    Please always import from saved views (or files). Never use modules or lists as source of imports in Anaplan.
    You get an error because Anaplan is confused and takes not only items from level 5, but also all above (as all items of the hierarchy are shown in the list view). If you use saved view, Anaplan only sees items belonging to the level you want to import, and then everything works fine.


  • Hi, Can you give some more information? Is it composite hierarchy, or simple, multilevel ? Are you importing it from Saved Views and level by level (best practice, if you will follow this way, you shouldn't get any errors), or from list?



  • I'm new to anaplan so im still learning terminologies. I think this would mean there are multilevel hierarchies. I've imported L1-L4 successfully and they are all depended on each other if that makes sense. I didn't import from a saved view. I imported from a list