Sorting group options - New UX


Did we lose the group sorting option (before/after/start/end) in the new UX [screenshots below]


Anyone using any workaround?


Classic UX:







  • @himanshu.badhai 


    No, it is still there, you just need to click on a column you want sorted...




  • Thank you @rob_marshall

    Does it have to be a column for the sort to work? I have a module with Time as columns but I want to sort the list (on rows) based on last 12 months of avg. sales, not based on sales from any specific period/column. Do you know if there's a way to achieve this? If I pivot to bring the line items as columns, apply the sort and then pivot back to bring the Time as columns, I am losing the sort. I know this used to stay in the classic UX. Any ideas on how to solve this in new UX?

    Appreciate your input.

  • @himanshu.badhai 


    Can you sort the data the way you want in the "module" view?  Typically, that is the way I do it, and then replicate it on the pages.



  • Hello, i do not see that Grouping sort option in my choices, only sort.
    Do i need to update something?